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The following is a brief description of the precautions for the use and maintenance of mining four-wheelers in winter:

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1. When the temperature is lower than 5 °C, the start of the engine is more difficult. At this time, the engine needs to be started with some auxiliary mechanical skills. For example, the engine can be heated or steam preheated before starting, and the temperature reaches 30 °C- Restart at 40 °C or above (the diesel engine is generally compression-ignition type, it is necessary to preheat the cylinder temperature and heat the temperature of the misty diesel).

2. The engine start recommendation should not exceed 15 seconds at a time. If it cannot be started, the start switch should be released. After stopping for 1 minute, start again. After starting, you need to idle for a period of time before starting to drive. Note that the idle time should not be exceeded. Long (3-5 minutes), too long, it is easy to form carbon deposits on the inner wall of the cylinder, and there is a phenomenon of pulling the cylinder. One idling can charge the battery, and the other will bring the water temperature to 55 °C and the brake pressure to 0.4 MPa or more.

3. When the water temperature of the diesel engine is higher than 55 °C and the oil temperature is higher than 45 °C, the whole machine can enter the full load operation state. When the mining four-wheeled vehicle works normally, the water temperature and oil temperature of the engine should not exceed 95 °C. The oil temperature of the tank should not exceed 110 °C.

4. When the temperature is lower than 0 °C, the mining four-wheeled vehicle will stop the cooling water in the water tank, engine, oil cooler and torque converter oil cooler to avoid freezing the body; the air reservoir should be drained frequently. To prevent icing, resulting in brake failure.

5. If the mining four-wheeled vehicle has not been used for more than half a month, the engine must be started once every 15 days and run for a period of time to charge the battery; if the shutdown time exceeds one month, please remove the battery and charge it with a charger. It is necessary to properly move the mining four-wheeled vehicle to change the pressure-receiving part of the tire to prevent the tire from being deformed; if the vehicle needs to be parked for more than two months, the battery negative pole must be disconnected or removed.

6. The fuel used in winter diesel engines should be -10# light diesel oil. In cold regions, the fuel should be -35# light diesel oil, and the engine oil of diesel engine should be CF grade.

7. When the temperature is below 0 °C, the antifreeze concentration should be checked regularly, and untreated water is prohibited as the engine coolant.